sobota, 31. marec 2012

Paladin girl

I wanted to go a bit further from the portraits, so I made this painting of a Paladin girl.

You can also check out the whole image on my DeviantArt profile .

sreda, 7. marec 2012

DK portrait final

Since the last post I finished the DK portrait, so here are some new steps through the proces. On the first picture I paid a lot of detail to the eyes and a little less on the nose and mouth. The face skin is refined from the last picture from previous post the same way as you can see the difference on the refinement of the body between the first and second picture in this post.


I cleaned up the body silhuete and added some more detail to furry hat. 


Even more detail on the hat and some background colors.

Final detail on the hat and the hair.

I hope you like it ;)

četrtek, 1. marec 2012

DK portrait

If you want to evolve as an artist you should experiment a lot and try different things. There are at least a few reasons for that. Finding your own unique style gives you recognition in a wider public community. Even great artists like Dali, Van Gogh, Picasso and many others had to try different styles and techniques before they found their own that made them known throughout the world. The other reason is freeing your mind and yet another reason is practice. Practice in the sense of maintaining the talent you have and in the sense of learning new things that are your weaknesses or even doing things you haven't done before.

In this post I'm showing the process of creating another color painting. This time a portret.
First I draw some construction lines and then I do a line sketch on another layer.

At this point I check if everything is like it is meant to be. I do some minor transformations and do some refinement. After I'm satisfied I apply some color blobs and I do not worry much about the roughness of color blending and details of the linework.

After the basic colors are applied I lower the opacity of the line layer and I start refining the work with colors as the general idea is to get rid of the lines.