petek, 8. februar 2013

torek, 5. februar 2013

Azog vs Dwarf

After watching the Hobbit, this piece was just aching to get out. The movie depicts Azog as a brutal uberlord warrior with lots of experience. Also from the Lord of the Rings we know that Orc warriors are born adult and prepared to be killing machines. I wanted to approach the story from a different angle. I was thinking about how would the pale Orc look if he had the possibility to age like humans and was young at the time of his first meeting with Thorin. He would not be brutal or evil yet but only mischievous bittered prankster with growing hatred toward the dwarves so I gave him this bully grin on his face. On the other hand the wargs as an animal would stay primal to its core. So this is the story I was going for. I hope you like it.