ponedeljek, 25. marec 2013

Bloodsport 13: The histories of Schaat' Nath: Time Warriors!

Did a cover for a new Bloodsport competition.

Here's the challenge rules:
Imagine this bloodsport as the cover to an old tabletop rpg expansion book, and imagine the blurb on the back as follows:

'The evil wizard Xakxis has plunged the kingdom of Schaat' Nath into darkness! Only YOU, Dillon Kobrax, and your faithful sidekick can stop his evil reign! travel out of time to exciting kingdoms of the past or future to determine the kingdom's fate!'

now, for the twist to keep things interesting- this bloodsport has 2 options- choose either and explore them to their fullest!

option 1) a hero from the past (medeival, prehistoric, anything) is drawn into a future world and must save it. he/she is accompanied by a robot / computer companion of some kind from that time.

option 2) a hero from the future (any kind of sci fi you wish to imagine as the future) is pulled into the past and must save  it. he/she is accompanied by a creature of that strange ancient world. (dinosaur, dragon, monster, etc)