sobota, 19. maj 2012

petek, 11. maj 2012

Molly Millions

This is my version of Molly Millions the character from William Gibson's Sprawl Trilogy.

As you can learn from wikipedia, she's a lean, athletic, attractive woman who appears at first glance to be wearing mirrored sunglasses, Molly has in fact had her eye sockets sealed with vision-enhancing mirrored lenses that were surgically attached to her face by the skilled black-market surgeons of Chiba City. To accommodate the inset lenses her tear ducts have been re-routed to her mouth; consequentially, on the very rare occasions Molly cries, she spits out or swallows the tears instead. She never lets others touch the lenses as it would leave messy fingerprints requiring extra cleaning. Her sensory input, metabolism and reflexes are also artificially heightened by means of electronic implants and exotic forms of advanced surgeries and other medical procedures. Molly also sports razor-sharp retractable claws underneath her fingernails: ten double-edged blades four centimeters in length.

I tried to achieve this moody, heavy, smoky atmosphere like in the old film noir movies and of course like in the Blade Runner. I also wanted to emphasize her nature of being a cold-blooded killer with the fact that she doesn't care much that she just murdered a person and that her arm is injured, she just wants a nice piece of strudl from the fridge while she smokes her favourite cigarete.

This painting was made for the Bloodsport competition on Crimson Daggers .

The Artist

Image I had in mind since I watched The Artist in the cinema.