četrtek, 27. junij 2013

Amanda study

Back to digital. Today's study. I see quite a few mistakes but wanted to move on so I'm posting it as it is.

sreda, 26. junij 2013

Life Drawing class 2nd semester

I tried not to manipulate the drawings in photoshop but unfortunately it was necessary to at least adjust the levels. The drawings stayed rolled up for couple of months and got all blurred up. It's also a shame the intensity and darkness from charcoal can't be felt on these like on the originals, but at least that way you can see a copy of a copy of a copy of the original ;)

Life Drawing class 1st semester

I haven't made many digital paintings in the last half of year for a reason. I started to do life drawing lessons. We've been doing traditional drawings where everyone can use their own medium. I started with a sketchbook and a black marker but then I realized drawing with charcoal gives me much more freedom. Here are a couple of drawings I made in the first semester.