petek, 31. avgust 2012

Turtle - color study

Lately I've been doing some anatomy studying so to break the chain I did a little color study. Original art is of course by Gil Elvgren (on the left). I'm a huge fan of his work and I think he's a great artist despite the fact that most of his work is known for pin-ups. His girls are awesome and the fact that he can enlighten their faces with such energy and cute mischief is just amazing. I love it. That's why he's one of the greatest.

I chose this particular picture because I wanted to practice color perception, my blending skills, human anatomy,  painterly style and drawing reptiles. Say what ??? That's right. The fact is that most of the guys including me, don't even notice the little turtle fella under the hat. And that what makes this picture so fun. I hope you enjoy it ;)

torek, 14. avgust 2012