četrtek, 12. december 2013


Today is an excellent day as I found out that my AKS Value and detail practice was chosen to be featured on front page of LayerPaint

Thank you Layerpaint for making my day:)
Such an honor :)

petek, 15. november 2013

AKS Value study

Wanted to practice some portraits and decided to do a value study of one of Adam Katz Sinding's photographs. So it started just as a simple 2h value study but then I got tempted because the photo had such nice crisp details so I just had to do a detail study. It took my somewhere between 6-9 hrs.

Don't forget to check out the steps ;)

AKS Value Study steps

Had a little time and wanted to post the steps of my AKS value study.

petek, 30. avgust 2013

petek, 26. julij 2013

At the beginning

Sometimes I feel I haven't learned nothing at all and then I just pick up the pen and do some random stuff to let myself go and to loosen up breaking all the rules and not giving shit how it's gonna turn out :)

četrtek, 27. junij 2013

Amanda study

Back to digital. Today's study. I see quite a few mistakes but wanted to move on so I'm posting it as it is.

sreda, 26. junij 2013

Life Drawing class 2nd semester

I tried not to manipulate the drawings in photoshop but unfortunately it was necessary to at least adjust the levels. The drawings stayed rolled up for couple of months and got all blurred up. It's also a shame the intensity and darkness from charcoal can't be felt on these like on the originals, but at least that way you can see a copy of a copy of a copy of the original ;)

Life Drawing class 1st semester

I haven't made many digital paintings in the last half of year for a reason. I started to do life drawing lessons. We've been doing traditional drawings where everyone can use their own medium. I started with a sketchbook and a black marker but then I realized drawing with charcoal gives me much more freedom. Here are a couple of drawings I made in the first semester.

torek, 21. maj 2013

The Big Rig

My latest piece I did for the Bloodsports The Big Rig. It's called "On the Run". This time a special judge will be one of my heroes the super awesome Brad Rigney Cryptcrawler.

četrtek, 25. april 2013

Modeling Kratos

I've been working on Kratos model for the last weeks in my spare time. This is still a work in progress but a least it can be seen how the model looks.

ponedeljek, 25. marec 2013

Bloodsport 13: The histories of Schaat' Nath: Time Warriors!

Did a cover for a new Bloodsport competition.

Here's the challenge rules:
Imagine this bloodsport as the cover to an old tabletop rpg expansion book, and imagine the blurb on the back as follows:

'The evil wizard Xakxis has plunged the kingdom of Schaat' Nath into darkness! Only YOU, Dillon Kobrax, and your faithful sidekick can stop his evil reign! travel out of time to exciting kingdoms of the past or future to determine the kingdom's fate!'

now, for the twist to keep things interesting- this bloodsport has 2 options- choose either and explore them to their fullest!

option 1) a hero from the past (medeival, prehistoric, anything) is drawn into a future world and must save it. he/she is accompanied by a robot / computer companion of some kind from that time.

option 2) a hero from the future (any kind of sci fi you wish to imagine as the future) is pulled into the past and must save  it. he/she is accompanied by a creature of that strange ancient world. (dinosaur, dragon, monster, etc)

petek, 8. februar 2013

torek, 5. februar 2013

Azog vs Dwarf

After watching the Hobbit, this piece was just aching to get out. The movie depicts Azog as a brutal uberlord warrior with lots of experience. Also from the Lord of the Rings we know that Orc warriors are born adult and prepared to be killing machines. I wanted to approach the story from a different angle. I was thinking about how would the pale Orc look if he had the possibility to age like humans and was young at the time of his first meeting with Thorin. He would not be brutal or evil yet but only mischievous bittered prankster with growing hatred toward the dwarves so I gave him this bully grin on his face. On the other hand the wargs as an animal would stay primal to its core. So this is the story I was going for. I hope you like it.

nedelja, 27. januar 2013

Joker 234

Our game Dream of pixels was featured on the front page of the infamous gamers-magazine Joker. In this special january edition you get 2 full spread pages of best games of 2012 which of course includes Dream of Pixels, excellent review of our game by Sneti with a total of 90 points, special interview with the developers - Dawn of Play and a huge A2 poster with Dream of Pixels theme.

ponedeljek, 14. januar 2013

There and back again

Well obviously it's been a while since the last post. I went to the other part of the world to relax my bones travelling through South America and I've got to say, it was really amazing and inspirational. So, when I came back, the blog was off, so I couldn't publish anything. I'm happy to say it's operational again, so I'll be posting some of the new stuff soon.