sobota, 18. februar 2012

First post

If I don't count the introductory text, this will actually be my first post. So lets get started :)

I wanted to test my Wacom Intuos 4, so I decided to create a painting dedicated to one of my favourites games from the recent past, which is God of War 3. You can find most of the lead artist that visually created this game on the right.

In the next few days I'll be posting pictures of the proces so you can see how it progresses. So for the start I made a very rough sketch. It serves as a basic composition tool, so I can see which elements I'll have on the painting and where they will be. I also made some basic distorted perspective construction lines that will help me to keep the painting in balance.

After the sketch is done I usually start to pick up some colors to set the mood and to get the overall feel of the whole composition. As I did with the sketch I also want to keep the colors very loose. As the work progresses so will the art grow. Art is always a process. You never know where you gonna end up, but if you work hard it's gonna be some place nice. Usually it is hard to explain to your client, what your idea will look like, but if you keep it in sketch mode and put on some basic colors for the mood, he will get some basic idea where it could go. So it's good to leave something to the imagination of your client. At the end if you work closely and you listen to what does he have to say, you can always surprise him with the final result.

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