torek, 21. februar 2012

God of War 3 Zevs vs. Kratos painting in proces

As the painting progresses I make some minor changes and keep the things that seem ok. Once I get the basic colors done I define the space by puting some real architectural elements in the background. As the story is happening in Greek Olympus I want to get the feel of an ancient empire. Because the Roman and Greek styles were influencing each other at that time I use photos from my trip to Tuscany as a reference. The basic composition at this point seems right. I keep the perspective construction lines at all time so I check everything is ok. Sketches of Zevs and Kratos are more defined and I put some basic colors for both characters.

Although I want to emphisize Kratos is smaller that Zevs the overall feel doesn't seem right. The painting needs more energy. Putting Kratos more closer makes him bigger and the scene looks more dramatic. I refine the architecture and paint some demolished stones and beams to define the idea of a fight.

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